Carter R. Jones, FNSS. Master Sculptor

Carter Jones master sculptorI have been so in love with the essential structure, the anatomy, the engineering, of people and animals, that I have spent the last few decades, drawing and sculpting bone structures of all kinds.

For me, the skeletal construction is the architecture of a moving form. To create a living breathing being, I go as deeply as I can into its magnificent evolutionary design to find out what made it a surviver.

As a member of the National Sculpture Society, I get to meet other artists who have that similar passion. I was classically trained, learning skills that have not changed in in a couple of thousand years. So my work is figurative in nature.

Learn From a Master

You have always wanted to study one on one because you have never done well in a large group environment.

You have an important commission and you want professional advice on how to proceed.

Sculpture classes are held in New York City.

You have always wanted to come to New York to study and be inspired by the vast array of art on display in New York's monuments and museums.