Video Sculpture Coaching with Carter Jones

Carter Jones master sculptorDid you ever watch a recorded instructional video and find yourself saying ...

"Wait, please don't go so fast, you skipped about 5 steps I need to know before you go any further"

or, "I know that already, I need to have you show me how to take it to the next level."

If so, then this online course method is what you are looking for.

Through the magic of Skype video conferencing we will be able to talk to each other one on one. You will be able to see me demonstrate a technique and then I will see you apply that technique. By using live video we will be able to improve your technique and successfully address challenges privately and quickly.

We will invite each other into our respective studios were you can show me what stage your sculpture is at and in that way I can be most helpful. I will be able to show you with equipment and tools I have at hand at my Manhattan studio anything from the basics of armature building all the way to mold making and casting.

When it comes to teaching sculpture words are just not enough. Artists explain by drawing. Not only will I be able to demonstrate by sculpting live in front of you, but I will also be able to draw for you.

Learn From a Master
Video sculpture coaching with Carter Jones, FNSS

Why Video Sculpture Coaching Works

You love the idea of participating in a workshop but have been unable to travel.

You want a professional Opinion but your sculpture cannot be moved.

You want to cast your own sculpture but you need professional advice.