Love Gets Chocolated

For the last five years I've wanted to get to collaborate with a famous Chocolatier down the street called Jacques Torres.

I went in to his shop the day before Valentine's Day to buy my sweet a sweet, and there he was just behind the counter.

I introduced myself, and how close my studio was to him, and how much I would like to design some of his chocolate animals. He couldn't have more welcoming.

He took me all around his shop, showing me all his latest projects, along with his own new vacuum forming machine, which can be used to make special chocolate molds for new products.

After all his show and tell, he then turned to ask me what I would like. I told him I came in for gifts for my dear Aunt, and my wife Carol. He went around the shop throwing chocolates in to bags and just handed them to me and wished me a happy Valentine's Day and told me to come back the next Tuesday, to talk about new projects.

I couldn't stop smiling all day, after all that time wanting to get into his world, that day was all about me giving love, and I wound up getting so much, it all was so predestined, so effortless.

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