Master Sculpture Class Reviews

Student's Accolades

I entered your studio a little over two years ago, slightly lost, overworked in a job I did not like, and broken. Refreshingly, you asked me why I was there, and you really listened. After telling you I was overcome with the need to discover my inner creativity, and hoped it would be through sculpture, no questions asked. you took me under your wing. Not only that, but your manner of teaching allowed me the freedom to fully explore my individual expression, in a positive, direct, and nurturing manner. Bereft of condescension or pretension, the benefit of this technique helps one to find their inner spirit. This feeling is almost impossible to articulate, and one simply needs to experience it to understand. I was, and still am fully restored and rejuvenated.

Your teaching is gentle, yet focused; kind, yet direct; and the overall technique is overflowing with truth. Your are equitable in your support for any person that is committed to expressing their talent and your are a genuine 'cadeaux' to the Arts.

I have a different level of consciousness after taking your class, and I have a deeper respect to natural beauty in every form.

I thank you for sharing this gift with me, as I have a level of appreciation that is only touched upon by this brief description above.

Kimberly from France

I enjoyed the time I spend sculpting with you in your studio and meeting your students. Having the daily walk with you to the studio; the site seeing and the stories about New York.

Many thanks for you for special and memorable time !!!

Best regards,

Alex from North Carolina


If you are an amateur sculptor and need advice from someone more experienced to advance to the next level or even to finish the project you are currently working on, you may have found successful amateurs or professionals to be frustratingly close-mouthed and stingy with their help or advice and even about their sources. Unfortunately, the limited marketplace forces many who might otherwise help you to see you as potential competition in the marketplace.

This is not true of Carter. Jones. He is one of the most generous men I have ever known. He is also that most rare of artists-a sculptor who has made a fine and steady professional income exclusively as a sculptor. He will not be threatened by your potential.  
Instead, Carter finds joy in the success of his students. I recently took a sculpture class under him at Brookgreen Gardens, perhaps the finest sculpture garden in the south. The class was on the equine head and neck. I experienced Carter taking us all through the building of a sculpture from the skull up through the defining head and neck musculature to the successful completion of a half-scale head and neck portrait of a horse. He spent individual time with each student and guided each of us to success.

There was no one in the class that did not walk away surprised and pleased by their own product including two of the students who had their own sculptures in the current National Sculptor Society’s nation finals there at Brookgreen. The national finals consisted of the top fifty sculptures selected from all entries nationwide.

My first experience with Carter came when he was recommended by Brookgreen to help me take a current sculpture (my first) to completion. He guided me, by e-mail and the Internet exchange of my photos and his guidance through words and drawings (and phone calls) to a sculpture ready for the mold process.  I then took the completed raw sculpture to his studio in New York City where he made the unusual and generous effort of making the mold, taking it through the foundry and having it cast in bronze for me.

Carter has the artistic eye and skills of a master and the heart of a teacher. He will become your friend.

Dr. Eldon Sloan, Broadway, NC

Carter Jones is a rare teacher with a gentle manner and a strong opinion. With a clear eye, he has the ability to help you bring your sculpture project to its best fruition.

You may come to Carter with a desire, but no experience and he will help you produce a piece to be proud of.

You may come to Carter with experience and he will help you not only with technique, but will offer a scrutinizing eye to get your pieces to the next level.

He has worked with many materials over the years and brings his vast knowledge to every project. He also occasionally brings cupcakes.

New York City Art Director

Carter has that special gift that contradicts that old saying we have all heard so many times in our life. "Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach!" Not so! From the moment the class started till its conclusion, Carter was able to communicate and demonstrate from the inside to the outside the structure, energy, grace and beauty of the equine head.

The three day workshop consisted of both experienced and novice sculptors alike and the end result was magic. All the participants final pieces were worthy of being in any gallery show. His hands on method of teaching makes all the anxiety and question of ones ability disappear. I have studied and attended workshops with numerous nationally acclaimed sculptors thru the years and without hesitation would recommend attending any and all of his workshops, irregardless of their subject matter, because I know that Carter will not only teach how to sculpt the subject but will stimulate and nurture the creativity in each of his students.

Robert Kelly, Artist/Sculptor

To join one of Carter Jones classes is a wonderful opportunity to take part of his extraordinary skills in sculpting and his deep knowledge in molding and casting techniques. 

I fully recommend his sculpting classes, you will not regret it!

Ingred from Sweden


Learn From a Master


Master Sculpture Classes are held in New York City.