Master Sculpture Class
Study with Classically Trained Sculptor

Student sculpting an elephant head in a master Class led by Carter Jones. How teaching feeds me

People come to me with their visions and many really feel they have been called to create something. There are just a few things in my life that are as gratifying as aiding these artists to complete their quest, find their voice.

In the process of helping I am challenged to learn more; to keep learning is one of the greatest privileges for me.

When I offer a Master class, I find myself studying my subject more intently then I normally do on my own. Passing on and giving back the great classical traditions has always be an honor to me.

Class Details, When & Where

All my master classes, workshops and weekly day and evening classes take place at my sculpture studio in New York City. My studio is located in mid-town Manhattan near Penn Station.

  • Master Classes are individually designed by the needs of the artists and my availability, one or two artists make up a class. Master Classes last four days from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, I do offer casting services.

  • The two hour day classes are scheduled in the 9 am – 5 pm time frame

  • The evening class is every Tuesday from 6-9 pm, it is ongoing.

  • Please contact me to sign up for a class.

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: 917.502.7636


Learn From a Master

Master Sculpture Classes and individual sculpture coaching.

Master Classes are held in New York City.